Some help recommending speakers for home theater set up


Jun 12, 2012
Hi! I have a 55 inch Samsung 1080p series H6203 TV and I watch movies/shows and have a PS4 to play games. I used to just use the TV built-in speakers but wasn't satisfied... I recently got a Denon AVR-S510BT A/V receiver and took my dad's old speakers: 2 Sansui S-37 tower speakers and a JBL Flix1 center speaker, which do sound much nicer compared to just the TV speakers. But I did research them a little and they're pretty old and were never considered all that good from what I can tell.
Here's a imgur gallery with pics of the speakers and setup:
So I'm trying to decide on replacements and am not sure about bookshelfs vs towers vs bookshelfs + sub. I have a pair of powered Micca PB42X with a Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer I use for my PC, but I wasn't sure about using bookshelf speakers for front L/R in a 3.0 or 3.1 system...
I was looking at the Pioneer tower SP-FS52's along with the matching center for a 3.0 - but accessories4less has been out of stock on them for a while and they're relatively expensive everywhere else. So then I was looking at the Pioneer bookshelf BS-22 with the matching center C-22, and maybe adding a sub? It's a modestly sized living room...
And then there's the Micca MB42X with it's matching center the MB42X-C which I could also then add a sub too, which are cheaper than the Pioneer's but I'm not sure about difference in overall quality - unfortunately where I live there are basically no places to go and test out speakers for yourself.
And lastly, I'm not sure what size sub I should look for if I do a 3.1 w/ bookshelf speakers...
Any input appreciated! Thanks


Mar 28, 2010
I'd seriously take a look at the Sony Core series speakers, specifically the bookshelves. The price per pair is $75, the center is also $75. They'd easily be better than the Micca's and are better overall than the Pioneers.

As far as subs go, my suggestion would be to stretch the budget as far as you can go. If you must stay around the $100 mark (based on the PSW10) look at the Dayton SUB-1000 ($120) it is a more capable sub or even the SUB-1200 ($130). However, even if you are trying to keep the price down I suggest saving up to get the Emotiva BasX S8 ($200), the quality is a step up easily.

If you sub budget is a bit more flexible I'd get the BaX S10 ($300) it's performance/price ratio is about the best there is for anything under $400. After the S10, you're looking at $550 as the next level with the HSU VTF2-MK5 and the Rythmik LV12R.
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