Some things for samsung J5...

Blitz Blitz

May 18, 2015
I got a present for christmas, new samsung j5, but I'dont know how to call, but it's "bare". What things I need for this phone? Should I upgrade something? Maybe somebody can recommend good and quality brands:
-Case, tray?
-Screen protector?
-Micro SD, what size is good? Can I install apps to microSD, or just only store files like photos, mp3s and etc.?
-Car holder for gps?
-Car charger?
-More capacious battery?
-Anything else?
Need some help. Thank you... :)


Jan 17, 2015
Hello :)

I will give you advice for your phone:
1) Case -> flip(hard) case. Get Samsung original flip case!
2) Screen protector -> glass protector
3) SD -> the size near 16GB is good enough. Watch over the speed (type) :) SanDisk for sure.
4) Car gadgets are optional
5) Battery -> you may take one portable battery charger (put in in your pocket).
Thats all!

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