Sony headset right ear not working in bluetooth mode


Jun 12, 2016
So I have a pretty new set of MDRXB950BT/B model headphones by Sony, and the other day the right side suddenly wasn't working. But only when using them in bluetooth mode, they also are able to be used via 3.5mm cable that I use sometimes and when I use them with the cable both sides work great. And because it's the right side that's not working I immediately thought somehow my tablet had started outputting audio in Mono for some reason but I checked the settings and have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the headset to multiple devices putting out in stereo just fine and still nothing. I've read through Sony help forums and troubleshooting guides but obviously to no avail. They're only a few months old and I keep them on a desk at all times so it just seems weird that such a decent quality headset would just up and stop suddenly. Maybe someone knows of an issue with this series perhaps, something I can fix easy enough? I'm handy with small repairs and such, but I don't want to start ripping things apart for no reason, and I'm not familiar with the inner workings of headsets or bluetooth itself as much as other hardware. Thanks.