Sony Vaio F Series - Starting Issue


Aug 17, 2015
I have a Sony Vaio F Series model - SVF152A29W black model.

Before few days, I was working with the laptop like the usual purpose of transferring some data to pen drive and visa-versa. Suddenly, it got tripped off (while it was charging, battery was fair enough available) and i tried to few troubleshooting ways like unplug, removing battery even removed RAM and HD (as it is not under warranty now). Nothing happened, but suddenly after sometime it got working and i could finish my work.

After 2 days, i started it and working as usual, and suddenly it happened again and i tried above troubleshooting and even tried these few next 2-3 days at random time. But no result.

I also referred many threads for draining power, removing CMOS, and other relavant threads which may help me but no positive note.

Few notes to refer before you provide your suggestion;
- when i press power button - ONLY green and orange light shows
- when the laptop is plugged with charging cable - it shows orange light
- when i press "assist" button - the green and orange light blinks up

Before two days, i tried to test and start it, i removed battery and kept power button press for few seconds and inserted the battery and it's started. I checked for check disk for my C: and completed it and then shutdown the PC.

Today, i tried to start it and :(.

Please help me out if there is any other possibilities or troubleshooting and would be thankful to everyone.


Seems like your laptop is overheating that's why it shuts down by itself, that's one feature that all laptop and desktop has. Have you tried cleaning the inside of your laptop from dust or other debris that might be blocking the fan. Also do reapply a new thermal paste onto the CPU.
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