Sony Vaio not powering on?


Jan 30, 2014
Hello Tomsguide,

I have a problem with a Sony Vaio laptop, model number: VGN-A215M.

The problem is that it's not powering on at all, the laptop charger has a solid green LED displayed.

The laptop itself is not powering up with:
  • No charger, but battery pack still in.
    Charger in, battery pack in.
    Charger in, batter pack out.
I must say the charger jack does seem a bit wiggly so that could be the cause?

The laptop hasn't been used in about a year, but was working efficiently before now. Which is odd.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated!


When you press the power button do you feel any resistance like a click? I'm considering that the button itself may be faulty. Another possible issue could be the CMOS battery has died - on Dell machines that battery failing can cause strange behaviors (or possibly no behavior)
I'm not thinking power jack since that usually affects charging and not starting.

I'll suggest attempting a reset, with battery out and power adapter unplugged (no power at all to laptop), press and hold the power button for ~30 seconds. Reattach power and attempt to start - see where you get.


Jan 30, 2014

Not quite sure how you'd describe the "resistance", however, it feels completely normal to press and hold down.

But I was thinking it could still be the power jack and that the battery itself has no charge in it?

I attempted a reset earlier before I posted and didn't do anything at all.

Thank you for suggestions!



Nov 14, 2014
You can try to insert adapter jack and press "ON" button at the same time, if it doesn't helps
your Laptop DC/DC controller is dead and IC should be replaced in authorized center.



Nov 23, 2014
Hi, my Sony Vaio CS190 has a bad memory socket. I came with 2G in slot 1 and 1G in slot 2. Recently it had started shutting down on its own whenever it felt like it. It would usually reboot okay. However, yesterday it wouldn't boot, it would try and stop. Green light on, hard drive light flash for a second and fan comes on for a second. I tried several things but nothing helped. I found on a web site somewhere that I should try removing the memory cards and then try booting with just one card in slot 1. Well, after trying different cards in different slots, I found that it would not boot with a card in slot 2. Doesn't matter which card. It works fine with either card in slot 1. Anyone have any suggestions about how to repair this without replacing the motherboard?
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