Sony vaio svs13112enb,new battery inserted,laptop battery light started blinking orange when put on charging,no back up at all


Mar 22, 2016
laptop is :sony vaio SVS13112ENB

Old battery was completely dead.So,i purchased new battery and when i inserted it worked fine ,show 70 percent charged at that moment,but after two minutes when inserted the power supply adaptor ,laptop automatically got shutdown and then i manuallly restarted the laptop.

Now , i have got several problems:-
1)laptop charging battery light is blinking fastly -orange
2)unable to turn on laptop even on power without battery
3)laptop is running with new battery alongwith power supply,if power supply removed laptop will shutdown,,means no battery backup .
4)sometimes ,just after shutdown it didn't start .in that case,i have to remove power supply cord and press the power button for 10 seconds and then ,turn on using power supply
5)earlier ,it was working with old battery inserted and working on ,its not working even with old battery inserted and power on..however ,the old battery was not giving any backup at that moment..
6)battery icon in desktop shows..its 100 percent and calculating..the battery is not available for use


If you got a 3rd party cheap battery, that could have caused the issues easily.

Unplug laptop from wall and battery, hold in the power button for about 30 seconds, plug in wall power only and see if it turns on. If not, you may need to have the motherboard checked out, possibly the plug replaced or motherboard replaced.