Sony vaio vpceb34en ram issue


Sep 3, 2016
I have Sony vaio vpceb34en laptop. Want to upgrade my ram from 3gb to 6gb.
Unknowingly i brought transcend ddr3l 4gb 1600mhz ram. After installing it my laptop restart continuously and freezes after few restarts. I'm running window 10.
After replacing with origina ram found that they were 1066mhz.
Can i use the mixture of rams (1066mhz 2gb + 1600mhz 4gb) ? Or i have to get it replaced?
Another differences that i figured was of volt. 4gb is of 1.35V and old are of 1.5V.
Help!! Thanks in advance.
You should stick with the originals, and replace the ones you purchased with ones that match the originals specs, just higher ram.

Also, your laptop should be upgradable to 8GB ram max.