Orlando Rosario

Dec 23, 2014
I have a sony vio and the fan never turns off or gets silence.. its allways noisy and the computer turns off.. if i run any program the fan turns really noisy and the computer turns off. Anyone knows the solution for this? ive tried everything.. restored it.. bought a new processor, and still turns off
Your laptop is overheating and shutting down to prevent damage. Purchase a can of compressed air and blow all of the dust/dirt out of the fan/cooling fins.
When you purchased the new processor, was fresh thermal compound applied and any thermal pads put back into place or replaced? Was the same model CPU used or did you upgrade then? A more powerful processor may overwhelm the heat dissipation capabilities of the cooling system but it sounds offhand as though thermal compound was not applied properly and/or the heatsink(s) were not thoroughly cleaned while it was apart.