Question Sound bar won't switch on with TV remote

Jul 8, 2020

I have a Panasonic sound bar SC-HTB488 that I previously used with a Panasonic TV TX-55DS500B. When I switched the TV on with its remote, the sound bar came on as well.

I now have an LG-OLED55B9PLA and have connected up the Panasonic sound bar to the HDMI (ARC) etc. Works fine, but the LG remote does not turn on the sound bar; I have to power it through its own remote. Usual?, or must I do something particular to make the sound bar come on with the TV remote as it used to with the Panasonic TV?

Advice appreciated

Jul 8, 2020
Thanks for this. I burrowed into the menus and found Simplink, which proved to be on. However there was a small warning that if the device (soundbar) was not an LG product it might not work. And I guess that why it doesn't come on when the TV is started from the TV remote. I was inclined to get a better soundbar and this can be the spur.

Thanks for the help.
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