Question Soundbar doesn't work - using TV as monitor

Aug 29, 2019
Hello, guys.

Want to ask for help. I have old smart tv Samsung UE32F5000 which I am using as PC monitor. Recently, I bought soundbar Samsung HW-R550. I followed steps to connect "external devices" (PC in my case) trough HDMI, but it doesn't work.

PC is connected to TV via HDMI/DVI port.

Soundbar is connected to PC via HDMI.

Soundbar is connected to TV via HDMI ARC (the port on soundbar) - to HDMI STB (the port on tv).

TV shows two sources - HDMI2/DVI which works to show PC and HDMI 1 (the STB port) which shows no sourche when I click on it. Also, soundbar is not showing between PC devices. I tried to connect it via OPTICAL cable, it didn't work at all. I really do not understand what is wrong. Do I need any other cable or did I connect something wrong? Only way I can play music now is from my mobile via bluethoot directly to soundbar. :(

Thanks for any advice.


Your issue is that you have the soundbar connected to the TV and the computer at the same time. The computer is sending the audio output to HDMI input on the TV, so the soundbar is not getting any audio.

Use one connection, from the TV. Optical out should also work for this to the soundbar, you just need it connected once to the computer. Or connect the PC to the TV through the soundbar connection and use the HDMI pass through on it to connect to the TV.
If your TV doesn't have an HDMI-ARC input then the soundbar can't use HDMI to get audio from the TV.
Many TVs require you to turn the optical output on. Some require you to turn the TV speakers off and you many have to change the audio output to PCM too.
You can connect the analog audio output of the PC directly to the soundbar.
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