Soundbar + Senheisser RS headphones


Jul 31, 2017
Hey folks,

I have a Sony soundbar connected to a Samsung PN59D6500 TV that only has an optical/toslink audio ouput. This is how the soundbar is connected.

I own a set of Senheisser RS160 headphones which can ONLY be connected via a 3.5mm jack.

Is there a way I can get this to work without having to fuss with cables all the time?

The only thought currently is that I could purchase an optical splitter, installing between the TV and the soundbar. Then, buying a digital-to-analog converter to plug the headphones into. This seems pretty crude, and I'm not even sure it'd work if I did go through the hassle and expense of buying these things.

Any thoughts?

Your idea will work. You will have to set the TV to output in PCM or 2 channel for the DAC.
If you only want to use the headphones with only one source you could connect the transmitter directly to that source.