Question Soundbar works on one side only

Jun 27, 2020
I recently purchased a TaoTronics soundbar. The problem I'm having is the sound only comes out of the left channel. I know it's the soundbar that is broken because I've connected it to several devices (computer, phone, tv) and I've connected it by cable and bluetooth but I'm still having the problem. Does anybody know how I can fix this soundbar? Are there replacement parts I can buy or should I just use it as a mono speaker? Thanks
Jun 27, 2020
You can't use it as a mono speaker unless you have a mono output. It will play left OR right channels but not both.
If you got it recently then it is still under warranty.
Thanks. I really don't plan on listening to it as a mono speaker, and I understand what you're saying. TaoTronics gave me credit for the speaker and said I could keep it, which was really great of them. I just want to find out if there's a way I can fix it.
Most likely the internal amp for that channel is bad.
Remove the panel that the electronics are mounted on and try to id the amplifier chip or chips from their parts numbers. It will likely be mounted directly to the panel for heatsinking. If there are fins on the panel that would be the location.
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