Soundcraft ghost cps 275 power supply


Jul 31, 2010

I got no power coming into my power supply, its a cps 275 powering a ghost 32. It was working fine till i pulled the plug from the wall socket by mistake, now i got no power at all, no lights come on its just dead. Have i set off some kind of cut off? or have i damaged it in some way? and if so is it something i can fix or will i need to send it tosoundcraft so they can fix it?

Thanks for you help


CPS 275 has a fuse, a voltage select switch, and from what I can see, a removable power mains cord. Check the fuse, check the setting of the voltage switch, try replacing the power cord (it's the same type as a computer power cord). The plug on the power cord may have been damaged when it was pulled out, if somebody tripped over the wire, or if the wire was pulled hard.
If that fails, the 275 manual is here: /products/product.aspx?pid=144
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A tech who works in a music shop or electronics shop should be able to get it working.


Mar 4, 2012
:bounce: CPS 275, You interupted the ground and blew your Bridge Rectifier BR 152 200V 15 amp and it took out your T10Amp 250Volt fuse on the fuse rail, about 8 bucks and 15 min to fix. MCM parts Ohm out both Bridge Rectifiers and you will spot the shorted time use a ground tester on the wall socket to make sure it is correct and plug your 275power supply directly in the wall and leave it.keep it away from P.C. and cell phones because it has a IC protect circut that can get interfeared with and take down the Brg Rect again.set the 275 where you can see the fam for dust getting on you Brg Rect ,it can cause an ark that will blow it. Edgar
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