speaker wire hookup


Nov 1, 2014
I have 40 year old Klipsch Speakers. They have 2 wires coming out of them, I want to use them with my tv. Do I need to use a red and yellow and white line to hook to the television and then to some kind of an adapter in which I have placed the 2 wires from the speakers. Or do I just have to use a receiver. Of course you can tell I know nothing about this. Thanks,
Older TVs did have speaker terminals on them. Assuming yours does not then you will need to know if your TV has audio outputs. This could be a headphone jack, RCA audio outs on the back, (if these you can use any receiver stereo or surround sound) or optical digital out on the back (if this you would need one of these:
to convert it to analog or get a surround receiver which will have an optical input.
If you have a set top box from cable or satellite these have audio outputs that you can use even if the TV does not.
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