Speakers Above Monitor


Dec 16, 2016
Hello, I was thinking about hanging speakers above my monitor. It has decent speakers built in but I want some really good speakers for blasting music. I was thinking of hanging them where those circles are, but I have two problems. How would I mount it, and where would I put the cables since they are being mounted on the wall? My PC is on the bottom right of the picture, you just can not see it. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Picture For Reference: http://imgur.com/gallery/MEUx3


how will you mount the speakers?
depends on the speakers. some have holes/slots/tabs for mounting built into the bases. some may require the use of adhesive pads or screwing on to a mounting hardware kit. without actually seeing what speakers you want to mount and what the base looks like... its impossible to say.

what about the wire?
if they are standard pc speakers, there is nothing you can do about the wire. wireless or bluetooth speakers are different but if they are a true wireless (battery) product that will come with its own major problems as well. the best i can say is to just group the wires up neatly on the wall with clips if you intend to mount the speakers there.

is that a good mounting location?
ideally, no. the best mounting locations for speakers are generally at ear level. with that said, if that is the only place you can mount them and you are aware sound will be coming from a slightly higher than normal source so may sound different than using your monitor speakers you can certainly use that location.


May 17, 2017
Why not get creative with the wire, put two LED strip lights from your desk to the speakers with the actual speaker wire behind them stuck to the wall. Extend the speaker wires 10 fold and use a brightly coloured cable and stick it on the wall as a pattern ... Lad Pad Dead Body type stuff.
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