Question Speakers No Longer Detected - Even using Linux Boot Stick - Not a software problem

May 31, 2019
Product: HP Spectre X360 15t 15-Ap012dx
Operating System: Linux

My laptop speakers have been working fine using Linux Mint for a few years. I was playing around with different USB audio devices and plugging audio cables into the laptop audio jack. Later I noticed the internal speakers were no longer listed. It only shows "Headphones - Built-In Audio" in the audio devices control app.

I initially assumed it was a driver issue where one of the devices I plugged in messed with Alsa. But I have tried a bootable USB with Linux Mint 19.1 and it is the same thing, so it is not a software configuration or OS issue. The audio plays fine through my USB3 Thinkpad docking station and several USB audio devices and through the headphone jack. Just no speaker shown.

I am wondering if the audio jack was damaged and always thinks a cable is plugged in? I am pretty sure that the headphones should not be listed unless a cable is plugged in, but not positive.

I did replace the battery not long ago so it also possible I disturbed the hardware, but I was pretty careful.


May 31, 2019
I found the problem. I took the laptop apart and found food crumbs inside where they had gotten in through the cooling fan vent. The switch on the audio jack was not working due to the crumbs. I cleaned it out and it is switching between headphones and speaker as expected now.

The audio works as expected now in Chrome, but not when testing in Pavucontrol. A problem for another day.
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