Spilled coffee on laptop 1year ago, fix problem now?


Jul 26, 2012

To begin with i own an Asus g73 JW and i bought it in 2011-01-07 for about 1500$. The accident took place about 7months after i bought the computer. The resonde why im making this thred 1year after the accident is because my friend insists that the coffee didn't cause the problems im dealing with today. He said it could be "old drivers" or something like that. I just want some opinions if the coffee really is the bad guy here or if there is some kind of solution to fix my laptop. Here is what happend:

Well basiclly i spilled a very small amount of coffee on my laptops keyboard and some near the screen last summer. When the incident happend i was playing a game and i instantly noticed that the screen freezed and became all blurry so i turned of the laptop. I desperatly tried to start the computer a little while after the accident but it wouldn't start. About 1hour later the computer did start but i couldn't log in since the laptops keyboard had gone broken. So i fetched another keyboard later that day and loged in. The computer worked perfectly except the broken keyboard at that moment. After a couple of days i accidently used the laptop keyboard and apperently it worked again (i guess the coffee had dried up).

So a couple of weeks went on and one day i started experiencing small freezes like 1-2secs and it occurred maybe once or twice a day. I dealt with thoose freezes for awhile maybe a month or so. The laptop keyboard just broke completly one day and this was maybe 2months after the accident so i removed it. Inside the keyboard i saw the dried up coffee and i thought the coffee must had reached the motherboard that is located under the keyboard. But i didn't see any coffee under the keyboard or near the motherboard. So where did the freezes come from? The freezes became a little worse over the next months.

Here is some issues im experiencing today:

*computer freezes randomly for 2-4sec and if i for example is listening to a song it keeps playing during the freeze but it sounds really weird almost like in slowmotion (hard to explain). This occurs maybe once a day.
*when im surfing the net or just typing somthing the laptop regularly pauses whatever im doing for like 0,5sec then continues like nothing.
*In some games i play i get these freeze lags and they can last for 1-5secs. There is just some games i have these problems in. For example in WorldOfWarcraft, counterstrike, skyrim and minecraft i have the freeze issue. But i can play for example Kingdom of Amular: Reckoning, Mafia 2, SaintsRow the third, Battlefield 3 without or with very very minor problems.

The questions i would like to get answers and your opinons on is:

If the coffee did only reach the keyboard, where is the freezes and other issues coming from?

Why do i only experience these freeze issues in some games?

If you think the coffee caused damage to more then the keyboard, wich component do you think is damaged?

Do you think there is a solution to my problem?

Sorry for the long post i hope someone have the time and kindness to read it all lol! And sorry if i posted this on the wrong place of the forum, im new here.



Jul 28, 2012
If there was just a little coffee it is possible the laptop is fine, I would try to re install windows, or use the built in restore function on your laptop. If the problem goes away your fine if not, well the coffee did do something. So you know if something like this happens again, turn the laptop off, remove the battery set it up side down if possible let dry for a few hours. My Sig other, split margarita on his laptop, We started with that. We had odd problems like the computer failing to boot, or the touch pad not working right. I took the thing apart and, took some q-tips and rubbing alcohol and cleaned every part that looked like it had Margarita on it. The laptop works just fine.
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