Spyware from hell.

Feb 19, 2018
Hello guys i have aserious question to ask. Im having trouble removing one virus from my computer , smartphones and lenovo smartpad. I cant say when i got this virus and how.What i can say that it is real and the owner of it really want to piss me off , he moves around my mouse when i play some games or reading something , or even watching any movies through VLC , he somehow manages to make computer laggy or even get real windows errror that forces my pc to shut down or restart and so much more that i dont want to share. I used to connect my old smartphone to my laptop before i knew it was there and it may got infected too , later i threw away that smartphone and bought new lenovo smart tab , but i never connected it to my pc or any other device and it still somehow got infected with the same virus.
Few days ago i bought new hard drive for my laptop from a shop and it was factory new packed and sealed , at the same shop i asked owner to mount me Windows setup into newly bought usb drive and he did. My laptop has no DVDROM just additional usb sticks and memory cards so usb drive is the only way i can reinstall my windows.
Later that day i connected that hard drive to my laptop and started to install windows from usb i got from the owner.
Usb gets mounted as ussualy and at the beggining of windows install were you have to choose windows install my mouse started moving around just it was moving before at my last hard drive just to remind me that this isnt over yet (Its not the first time he does it to remind me. He did way back then when i simple tryed to reinstall windows without ant full defragmentations from hard drive).
I called the owner and he assured me that there is no way to infect newly placed hard drive at windows setup and that its hardly a virus. At that point there was no interned connected to it or any other devices such as keyboard or mouse to get this virus from.
So now im curious is there are viruses that can infect your computer without any connections such as network or same internet connection? As im living with my neigbour who isnt my best friend to say the least. Or it is the usb drive itself ? Maybe the guy behind this somehow managed to infect the same virus for the IT specialist? Keep in mind that im not joking or anyway trolling you and im sertainly not mad and this virus is REAL.


May 9, 2015
As far as I am aware, windows setup on new hard disk from bootable USB does not allow for remote administration/desktop usage.
meaning that mouse moving and such should not be possible.

Now.. since you CAN attach more than one mouse/keyboard to computer and use them simultaneously (all act as one) it is possible someone nearby has added second set of wireless keyboard/mouse on.
Yes, that would require wireless stuff, It could/would probably be possible through the new "unifying" USB receivers which can connect to multiple devices and possibly "remember" said devices separately from computer/OS.

If that is not the case (wireless mouse/keyboard) then other option is that the mouse you have has dirt/hairs in it's lens, at times thinking you are moving it but that would be slow creep to any direction which is not what it sounds like. (I understood it is not just twitch or two or slow creep but more purposeful movements)

edit: Similar can happen with touchpads too if touchpad and driver are a bit out of synch and/or not calibrated. This calibration can usually be done from windows once touchpad drivers are installed. If this is an issue, most laptops have a fn+key combo for disabling touchpad if you don't want to mess with it and/or want to use separate mouse.

Third option is.. the fun "I use microsoft account to log on" yes, it's convenient, use it on multiple computers/things and settings and files synch between them magically.
So could in theory whatever your "friend" uses to connect to your computer.

so.. while reinstalling windows from scratch seems like a possibly "It wont fix it" scenario, if you do it you should:
don't connect lan cable
disable wireless/bluetooth and use only laptops own mouse/keyboard
There should be absolutely no way someone could connect to computer while windows installs and control it remotedly.

Issues with lenovo smart tab (supposedly android, even if ancient version of it) should thus be separate, mouse cursors moving in it would mean bluetooth paired mouse, which should show up in settings and should stop working if bluetooth is disabled.
Also bluetooth is relatively short range so if this is the case, the "friend" is nearby.

Of course, past the mouse movement stuff, crashes, lag and such could be just other issues with the laptop.
Feb 19, 2018

When you boot your windows from usb and it asked you what is it you want to do with this setup you can move your mouse and he did moved it on porpuse to warn me that tje virus isthere also.
And no there is no usb connected to my laptop for wireless connection. And how about bluetooth i dont know if it can be activvated without my concens.
I know it sounds stupid and unbelievable but it is true. there is a spyware that can litteraly control my own laptop it can force shutdown my computer , restart it lag it , move cursor lower , increasesounds and etc. The virus is there and i may pissed some powerfull people and they fooling around with me in every way they can and the my pc isnt the only thing as i said before i dont want to talk about everything around here. Im here for questions that keeps me conserned about it. In example im reading around reddit with lenovo smart tab and he quickly reboots the tab in my hands when i start reading something who he can relate to andthere much more about it i just dont want to write all this stuff here in publicly.


Sep 13, 2010
I agree that remote access symptoms would be incredibly unusual.

I would seek a reliable Windows disk image -- directly from Microsoft -- and do a clean installation. If you cannot do that for some reason, then the following can help although if you have a virus/malware there is likely registry damage that will require a clean reinstall ultimately.

To really check for viruses and malware boot from THIS free version of a bootable Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 -- there is a guide on how to use it and distributive button to download the image. You will need to use another computer to create a bootable USB stick from the image.

Then after that runs I would run Malwarebytes free version.

edit: if you indeed have malware it certainly could be from an infected computer that was used to make the installer. (and moderators do not reply to email so keep all posts in your thread)


Aug 8, 2008
Hi there,

Firstly, you don't have to PM members to look at your thread/post. Let it happen naturally. Some have more direct knowledge of your issue, and will reply to you if they can help.

Secondly, I'm genuinely not sure what your telling us!

Okay, so you believe you have a virus, and that someone else is controlling your PC? There is a way to fix that.

My problem is not so much, that - and fixing the issue, but what is really going in the back round. You've mentioned the 'owner' on a number of occasions, and I'm confused about some things. I presume you mean the owner of the virus? (ie. your hacker). Also, is the 'owner' also your housemate? Your friend , who's not a friend? And my biggest questions is why did you call the 'owner' and tell him you had a new piece of hardware that you wanted to install windows from? Seems like you are making life really difficult for yourself.

I'm scratching my head here, honestly. And if, as you say, there is more to it, and there are other things going on worse than potential malware

1. Consider moving out
2. Perhaps consider reporting the matter to the authorities.

With regard to the hardware/software issue.

The best thing you can do (and this is what I would do) and the other posters have mentioned too.

Take each of the 3 devices you mentioned, disconnect them from the internet.

Take each one, one by one and re-install the Windows/Android or whatever other OS you may be running.

Little_me's very first point is the most important, in the bios/setup phase for a windows re-install, it's impossible to have remote access to the system. Whatever mouse issues your'e experiencing at this point is coincidental, or your mouse is set on a high DPI and is just too sensitive. You CANNOT remote access a PC whilst in the Bios/Boot menu/Install of windows. Only when it gets to windows can you do that.

So first thing I'd do is re-install windows on the laptop, clean install, no back up (as that may carry the virus to the new install)
Second thing I'd do is re-install Adroid to your phone. Again, don't restore a back up, but rather set it up from scratch, and just take the hassle of downloading all the apps you want, rather than the restore from back up.
Thirdly, do the same process for the Lenovo smartpad.

Make sure when you do all of these, you don't connect to the internet (just yet).

When all back ups, re-installs are done, log into devices and download what you need making sure not log into any accounts whilst you do.

Connect the devices one at a time, update, install antivirus (on anything running windows). Then do the Android devices. Once everything is at the point where you need to start logging in to accounts etc, then do that only with reputable apps/software - ie Google play, windows store etc.

If you feel the network where you live is compromised and controlled by someone else, then do not use the Wifi/Broadband in the home. Maybe you can do all of the above at a friend's home (trustworthy). That way you can be sure your devices are safe.


Vic 40

Oct 22, 2013
Not an expert at all,but it sounds like someone has acces to your wifi/router and with that to your pc and other gadgets.Does this also happen if you disconnect the router?
Feb 19, 2018

The Owner is IT specialist i bought hdd from and the one who did mounted me my windows usb drive.
I calld him to tell the situation about windows progress and ask if he used any customers usb drives that may be affected by viruses. Im living with my parents in a house with 2 familys so with my neigbour i do use wifi that can be accessed mostly by anyone as i said my wifi password mostly to anyone who asked it , i do ocasionally join my neigbours wifi , but havent joined it before it all started just lately for higher download limit. smartpad was connected to wifi also so i thought about corrupted wifi network ,but besides it i havent connected it to any other devices or network at all so this maybe the case how it got infected , in fact recently i gaved it to guarantee repair to fix , they cleaned it clean without any backups , but back then i did not realized that it may be network and connected it to wifi so now its still affected by it. How do i know? He keeps rebooting the system whenever i start reading with it or some quete from reddit means something. Its like talking without any words if you know what i mean.. I know that this is a virus and i may know who may be doing this sort of its just i cant be sure about it.
And what about moving out i do want to move out just atm i cant cuz of money sortage and quality job places. The laptop itself is more of a work experiement for me so i do need it and want to be sure before working with it and cashiing thotugh it that it is unnafected by any viruses or spyware system. And what goes about talking to authorities i dont thing they can help me there now more then IT specialist besides i dont think you can trace spyware like this back to hackerrr itself.
I read your words about not beying able to controll any pc during bios or loadout and i CAN ASSURE that it is able. Its not the first time he warns me about something with those intentional mouse movements its like a joke or tount that its already on here. There was this time i reinstalled my windows with outdated version of windows 7 witch does not automaticly update your drivers leaving you with clean windows without any possible way to connect to internet, wifi cannot detect any active network and the cable connection does not work , yet he still moved around and tounted me for fun..
So thats why i called him to ask if it possible to infect your laptop without any network connection as you all know when Windows starts the installiation no network connection is possible untill they ask you for it. He assured me that there is no way this could be possible , atm i got new hdd that wasnt connected to any network , any wifi is fresh from windows instalation no bluetooth connection- nothing. What are possibilitys of that? How is this possible?
Feb 19, 2018

For sure mate. I can be offline from internet access its still happening. Also if it the wifi router network how do get access like that? Can you simple get it from a virus that was on connected pc or you have to get some kind of permission from my internet provider? Or you just need to connect router itself via internet wire?


Vic 40

Oct 22, 2013
If this is truly a virus try the next site,
make sure to post in the next thread "Post Here for Malware Removal ..." also make sure to read the first two stickies in that thread. You might not get help if you don't follow their rules. Also wait for a reply from them after posting,don't push or answer your own thread.

Maybe the answer lies in the next bit of text,

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