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  1. G

    Solved! Phone keeps opening tab/displaying ads on its own

    Been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but my phone will randomly open Chrome (and, if I'm already in Chrome, a new tab) to some website about downloading a crypto browser app. Then two days ago, I also started getting some drop down ad on my screen itself of some not-Facebook ad (It's...
  2. M

    Solved! What's the most effective way to detect spyware on Galaxy S8?

    I have reason to believe that my son's phone, as well as, mine have been bugged. My ex has access to my son's phone during visitation. And in doing research, I'm seeing that this sorry of thing can be done remotely. In addition to battery loss, freezing up, hot temps and lagging, I often see...
  3. Ginko-san

    Question Safari downloads random ZIP file

    So, I've been experiencing something weird. Safari has downloaded a random ZIP file twice so far. The download was made while browsing Facebook and WhatsApp respectively. The ZIP file is called 2018-2019.zip and contains an alias. I did not open the alias file, however, the properties window...
  4. 2

    Solved! Looking to get rid of adware/spyware

    I have the best antivirus but it seems icant find anything, this file called sdsis keeps popping up, and this website adsv123.com Can someone please help?
  5. J

    Solved! Undectable spyware on Computer

    I was the victim of some brazilian hacker group that wanted to spy on me. The spying went on for at least half a year before I became aware of it. I did frequent, usually daily virus checks with malwarebytes and other respectable anti virus programs and none of them found anything. The spyware...
  6. G

    ryptoMiner, Trojan.AU, Lost Admin Access, New Admins

    The event took place on October 13, 2018. My laptop got infected by a cheat for a game downloaded by my classmate without my consent. After the infection, I lost my ability to: Administrator Rights Open TaskManager Open ControlPanel Everything except the browser and some applications...
  7. C

    Is "totally-not . spyware . lol" malware?

    Hello everyone I recently updated my iPhone 6s to iOS 12 and it runs very smoothly. However, today someone told me about "totally-not . spyware . lol" as a website which jailbreaks your device in iOS 10. I knew it wouldn't work but anyway I tried it and it gave me an error about that it...
  8. G

    Nasty Spyware Infects 11 Million Users: What to Do Now

    Researchers have discovered a number "browser extensions and mobile apps" that are invisibly collecting the browsing history of over 11,000,000 users Nasty Spyware Infects 11 Million Users: What to Do Now : Read more
  9. G

    Question About Possible Malware/Spyware Infection

    Hello, I have long been wondering how is it possible to be completely certain that your computer has absolutely no malware/spyware/adware/trojan infecting it? I have (stupidly) used a secondary software installed along a torrent (whose main program worked without any issue), which, after I...
  10. S

    Solved! Porn popups wrecking my head

    I have always been IT savvy in terms of removing spyware etc. Recently though I cannot stop pages from popping up, mostly pornographic and also in the bottom right corner I was presented with a ;large erect penis. I bought bit defender on recommendation but its not fixing it. If I leave my PC...
  11. V

    New Spyware, Malware & Adware

    I don't need to get in to too much detail regarding what happened to me as I guess the title is self explanatory. (clicking yes to all those installation checkboxes because "whats the worst that can happen, I have Malwarebytes") Torrented software like the poor bloke I am and for the first time...
  12. D

    Strange folder appeared in storage drive [URGENT]

    To start, I run Win10 on a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD, and aside from four random internal HDDs (used for Virtual Machines and such), I have one 4TB Seagate HDD that I put all of my large files and such onto, to preserve space on my boot drive as it is only 256GB. When clicked on, the folders...
  13. A

    AVIRA is one of the best?

    why u dont recommend Avira pro as a complete antivirus, malware, spyware, etc?
  14. V

    Spyware from hell.

    Hello guys i have aserious question to ask. Im having trouble removing one virus from my computer , smartphones and lenovo smartpad. I cant say when i got this virus and how.What i can say that it is real and the owner of it really want to piss me off , he moves around my mouse when i play some...
  15. I

    Laptop virus and cant delete HELP PLEASE

    Hi have a new laptop and downloaded something I now know I should't have and have a virus. I have a program in task manager called windows explorer or something and rc'd to trace it to some files on my C drive (I have windows 10 btw). I tried to delete it and it says I need permission from the...
  16. M

    Browsers I didn't open showing when I opened laptop

    Hi crew, This morning I opened my laptop to two Chrome tabs I didn't open. And not just a "new" tab. One was a webpage to PODS Storage, and the other was looking at the "Foreigner" movie on Redbox. Two very specific pages on two different websites. This happened at 6:30 this morning (I accessed...
  17. M

    Bf put spyware on my phone.

    How can I find what he put on my phone.This am I got up turned on my phone it said sd card removed well I don't have an Sd card he acted all weird so I know it was him and true. Please help me find what he put on my phone.Or could he have cloned it
  18. V

    Search Sixty Spyware/Malware?

    I use google search on chrome and this morning every search goes to google and then redirects to searchsixty.com. Ive run ccleaner, malwarebytes, reset chrome settings, checked extensions, restarted the PC and it still does it. Only in chrome though. How do I get rid of this?
  19. Lukey9999999

    I'm afraid I may have a RAT or Spyware.

    I have noticed some odd activity on my computer and I've read up on RAT's (Remote Access Tools I believe) and I was wondering what my best option would be on scanning for them? Anything helps.
  20. 3

    Removing Covenant Eyes

    So my parents decided to put Covenant Eyes on my laptop recently, while I was away working at a camp. Basically if you don't know what CE is, well, it's a spyware. Made to stop Porn-watching habits, originally but now people are using it as parental controls to moniter childrens' and teenagers'...
  21. I

    Redirects, Adware, browser hijacking -- HELP PLEASE!!!

    Okay. So I recently moved in for a little while with my grandparents, and my grandpa has a Dell desktop (which I am on right now) with an i5 CPU, blah blah blah... that's not important right now. Anyway, I've been using his computer, and I've noticed that he must have downloaded something from...
  22. S

    My mom called and gave them a code

    Hey guys..so my mom just informed me that she got one of those spyware popups that tell you to call this number...and of course....she called. They asked for a code that was on the screen, it was a 5 digit code and she gave it to them. She said at one point the lady on the phone wanted to...
  23. V

    Just got infected

    Hey people! So I downloaded something from a site, and without notice, another site popped up and recreated file i needed. Now my pc is really slow and added weird files to my desktop. I see in taskmanager there are like 5 different weird objects running with a description of "L8L" anyway my...
  24. A

    Is svchost.exe Hacked?

    Look, a long time ago, I went to check if my computer was being hacked. I deleted all the possible files that are spyware or malware, but this I just don't know if it is safe or not. Google said it is. The file is called svhost.exe. I did the tutorials by typing cmd on the search bar with my...
  25. TheSwedishMrBlue

    Anti commercial/malware/spyware programs?

    Greetings. I am wondering if there's any good software for removing commercial / Malware / Spyware? Last night I got hit by some commercial stuff, I found out one is called "Nova Rambler". I cleared the addons in the browsers. I have tried removing the 'nova rambler' manually. Think I got it...
  26. M

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime taken over without physical access?

    Can someone tell me how to see a detailed report on the phone such as apps, permissions, etc., debugging maybe. I'm not really sure.
  27. securityman

    Security in PC

    I have Malwarebytes paid up till Nov. I have to renew Superantispyware today. I've read on this site you should not have both running together. Is it worth having both? Thanks
  28. N

    Need help getting rid of spyware

    So yesterday... my computer broke. Not sure why. It was the processor, it started making a screeching noise. I had a backup mobo/ processor, so I went and put together a franken-puter. When I put my windows 7 installation disk in, I got an error at the 'expanding windows files' section...
  29. CanIbehelped

    McAfee Antivirus question

    I used McAfee Antivirus to scan which "did not detect any viruses, spyware, or other threats". [Title changed to reflect the actual question being asked - - Moderator]
  30. J

    Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 virus, spyware and malware security guide

    As the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 uses Windows 10, users must take the usual precautions to protect their system from harm. The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 virus, spyware and malware security guide is for all of you who want to protect yourself and not depend on the system to do it for you. The standard Windows...
  31. koolriz86

    Anti Spyware can't remove spyware on Dynamic Disk Storage/RAID/SCSI

    I'm using a portable version of spy hunter 4 software to combat spyware/malware. After scanning and detecting malware, a message pops up saying it can't can't remove spyware as my system utilizes Dynamic Disk Storage or RAID/SCSI based primary hard drive. How can get around this and remove the...
  32. D

    spyware or background process slowing down overwatch and battlefront

    I ran spybot but it froze up i havent rerun it yet. I tried to run selective startup. I hit apply after unchecking load startup items but then when I open msconfig again its somehow reset back to normal startup. Nothing else is slow because its not using the whole cpu but my games are...
  33. D

    If spyware got information of my pc machine name and ip, how easily can they break into the pc with that info?

    Also how vulnerable for attacks is Windows 7 before installing all the updates? I am little concerned because i need internet connection to download updates but it also puts pc at risk
  34. S

    Is WinPcap software installed with Freemake Video Downloader ( bundled software) a spyware?

    I installed Freemake Video Downloader and saw this also listed in Programs & Features. They was no way to opt out this software. This was not mentioned at the time of installation. ( I uploaded 3 files in WinPcap folder in C drive to Virustotal but there was no detection , also scanned with MBAM...
  35. S

    Could I Have Spyware On My PC?

    My dad knows almost everything there is to know about computers at this point--His jobs have been centered around them for as long as I can remember, and he got a masters degree in networking. He also likes to put spyware on my computers. If there's a way for him to monitor my computer he will...
  36. G

    HELP! Suspicious malware?!

    Hi, today I updated my avira AV and after I updated it.. I did a scan with Hitman Pro 3.7.14 it detected these "suspicious threats" avipbb.sys avgntflt.sys I also reconnised that my PC is booting up slower than usual it has a black screen with a cursor and then after 10 seconds it boots to...
  37. ITgik91

    Looking for good spyware remover

    Hello all, Can you recommend good spyware remover ? I was used spy boot and destroy but I`m not sure if it`s good enough and I`m looking opportunity software. Please advice, Thanks Robert
  38. L

    Have you used MobiiSpy software?

    Hello everyone : :) I'm looking for a good spy software for my son's samsung galaxy s6. I'm not startying this thread to discuss whether parents should or shouldn't spy on their kids phones. I'm wondering if anyone of you guys can give any advice in this regard, please! I'm looking for...
  39. msproject251

    10 threats on computer cannot removed!

    There are these 10 threats on my pc which are spyware, i found out by using spyhunter 4 but at the end it told me to buy an account so i couldn't remove them, what do I do? how do I get rid of them?
  40. wyattspoppa

    Desktop PC behaving like virus, HDD running loud

    Hey Guys, Win 7 Home Premium on an HP P6803 64 bit, C- drive is still like 65% empty. I don't game on it or use high end video editing software, I mainly use my desktop to surf the net, watch AVI files and store family photos. I have a 1 TB that stores most of my pics. So, it's behaving like a...
  41. H

    Constant popup, possible spyware etc?

    Hey, So I got this popup earlier today about a java script download that I am not sure why or what it is. I am not going to install it or whatnot. If any of you know what it could be or how to get rid of the issue it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a screenshot http://prntscr.com/bfpb2z...
  42. M

    My music Life Popup

    So recently i have been infected i believe with adware on my computer. I constantly get a pop up at the bottom right of my computer screen and its called "My Music Life". When you hit the X to close the box at the top it redirects to the default web browser to some clearly malicious websites. I...
  43. B

    is " Kiosked" a virus or spyware / malware or something like that??

    I don't know what I've clicked or done but I could see more annoying adv then ever. Some of images on particular websites and forums are embedded with annoying adv at the bottom. I have just installed Google extension Adblock and it's gone from the images now. However, is it enough? Is it ( ''...
  44. C

    Spyware Virus malware

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to check or know if i have spyware because something popped up from windows saying something about it when I was on a site. I have webroot secureanyware and ran like 7 scans and it said it removed whatever was there but I still think something is there because my pc...
  45. P

    Spyware and Unwanted Software Protection.

    After Windows 10 did a few updates, I saw a sign saying spyware and unwanted software protection. I clicked on it and Windows Defender was off. I tried turning it on but nothing happened. I get an error message saying "Real-time protection couldn't be turned on. This operation returned because...
  46. DylinPrestly

    NSA Proof Blackphone 2, Did I Just Waste My Money?

    Hey everyone. New to Tom's Hardware forum. Just wanted to get real tech opinions and what everyone thinks. I recently purchased the new Blackphone 2, a high end security phone by silent circle. I notice it's not running the normal Android OS that everyone is using, it's running "Android Silent...
  47. J

    Suspicious looking program

    Hey everyone I was uninstalliang some programs erlier and as i checked through my list i found some strange looking one with no signature, details or anything. all there is to know about the program is the size (41 mb) and name "" could this be spyware or someting...
  48. DunyaKingdom

    Is windows defender good enough?

    I was wondering how much can I trust on windows defender (w10). I know that the best protection you can get is from yourself, knowing what kind of stuff are you downloading etc. I got 8GB more a week ago (G.Skill and i5-4690k) and as far as I know, AV only uses RAM and CPU, so I would like to...
  49. tevfikuygur

    Internet Slowed Down

    My internet is very slow but computer's other functions are working fine. This is my work PC and I am the only one with this problem at work. I've used different software such as Esed Nod32, Ad-Aware, Esed Not32, Ad-Aware, SUPERAntiSpyware, Ccleaner and KVRT. Any detected file is deleted but my...
  50. mangaman

    Does Malwarebytes anitmalware protect you from just malware?

    I've had Malwarebytes, the free version, for quite some time and its doing a fantastic job protecting me from malware but is that all malwarebytes can do? Can this anitmalware program also protect me from spyware, adware and other harmful viruses? I also have avast installed to take care of the...
  51. A

    Rat's, Trojans, Spyware.

    Can you put a rat or Trojan or any spyware on a computer disc that already has stuff on (such as Asus driver utility). How can you find spyware on a disc if it has one?
  52. HBgamer

    Offers4U malware/spyware - Multiple solutions tried - Zero luck!

    Hi guys, hope all is well. I've been attempting to fix possibly the most vicious piece of spy/malware I have ever personally experienced and am having no luck whatsoever. Yesterday I turned on my PC to find it was unbelievably slow at start-up (a good 10 minutes until I was able to open Chrome)...
  53. R

    Acer aspire e15 got a virus and I don't know how to fix it or use run

    the notice keeps saying it's been infected by a Spyware and it won't even let me move the mouse.
  54. D

    Good Anti-Virus for a gaming build?

    Need some suggestions on a good AV for this gaming build - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cQLFxr Need it to be light on resources and effective at keeping my computer safe. Before hand, I used Kaspersky. While it was a good AV for my current computer, I need something just as good as well as less...
  55. S

    How to uninstall Live PC help?

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble removing a program name Live PC help. I've tried various ways of removing it but it just doesn't work. Can someone help? Thank you in advance.
  56. R

    Spyware/Virus created proxy connection?

    My laptop was slow and my avira was not updating, so ran malwarebytes in safe mode w/ networking. It found "spyware.password" malware and i removed it. then ran kasperky virus removal tool and 0 malware resulted in normal mode. But my internet connection is slow and several sites are not...
  57. T

    Novice user and spyware/adware

    I built a PC for a relative and within a few days it was totally filled up with malware.. Shopperz, PC Cleaner PRO, BubbleDock, and 20 more such things. The uninstallers for these applications seemed to just install more of them.. I'm wondering.. 1) Is there some resource (article or video)...
  58. sigmIV

    Cursor pausing video and opening tabs in Firefox on two different computers.

    Last week, when I was listening to a podcast on my Surface Pro 3, the podcast randomly paused, most likely because someone clicked the pause button, then the pointer was moving by itself and opening tabs in Firefox (no mouse or trackpad were plugged in). I didn't bother, I just restored the...
  59. N

    Cant get rid of adware help me please!

    So lately in the past couple of months I've been having to deal with this annoying adware that I couldn't get rid of and its all browser based like adcouopono or fundeals and stuff like that as extensions on google chrome. I could never get rid of them until one day windows defender scanned and...
  60. EagleDesignInc

    AntiVirus vs Malware/Spyware Protection

    I'm running the Norton Security Suite 2015 My question is, should I be running a Spyware Protection also along with the Norton? If so, any recommendation? Thank you