Staticky Audio Through USB


Apr 22, 2016
Hello All,

Here is my issue. I have static in the audio on my Astro Mixamp Pro TR on the USB side only. The optical is clear as a bell.

The Mixamp takes two audio sources and blends them together. One is optical and the other is
USB. Optical is for the main audio source and USB is for chat audio (Teamspeak, discord, mumble,etc). This way you can play team based games and you are always able to talk to your team. Game getting to loud, turn the bias more towards chat audio. Friends getting a bit too loud, turn the bias more towards game audio. This is the second Mixamp I've had the first was the original and it worked great and can't game without it.

So this issue is only on my PC while running Windows 10. My PC is a dual boot Win 10 / 7.
I use 10 for my personal use (Games, movies, music, etc) and 7 for work (I work as an at home tech support for an ISP). While I'm running 7 no static at all. As soon as I'm on 10 static on the USB audio through the Mixamp. So from that I think it is a driver issue since that is the only thing
that changes from going between Win 7 to 10.

Things I've tired so far. Updated all drivers, Uninstalled all usb drivers to let Win10 download what
it wants, tired to install Win7 usb drivers but Win10 isn't having any of that,

I put it on my other system in the house and it works fine that PC and it's running Win10.

My Setup;
Win 10 / 7 dual boot
MSI Z77 MPower MoBo
I7 3770K @ 4.3ghz
Evga 970 SSC @ Stock clocks
16GB Kingston HyperX Beast RAM
Samsung 850 evo 500GB for both OS's
OCZ Vector for games
Seagate 2TB for storage

Pic of Device Manager