Stereo Headset to surround sound


Jun 7, 2009

i just got a pair of the HyperX Cloud stereo headset the sound on them are great but if i play say BF4 the surround is not the best and was thinking of getting a sound card to see if it will mike things better on the surround side of things i tried Razer surround and it was a little better.

At the moment i'm using the on board sound from my MSI Z87-GD65
i been reading about the Dolby Headphone that's on some sounds card's and some people say its good but then some say the Creative Z's sound card are better in getting surround from stereo headset's

also been looking at the Creative Xmod not sure if its any good tho been looking at review's but there not much help.

Can anyone recommend a good sound card that will give me a better sounding surround sound from a stereo headset i'm looking to pay around £50 maybe more if it's worth it.

Thanks Hyper02
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