Stupid Trojan Virus


Feb 5, 2018
i'm going to be honest when i say I've downloaded torrents in the past, and sometime then i caught a nasty virus, it's a virus that goes unseen but you know it's there, it slows down my computer drastically and i'm pretty desperate to get rid of this virus, who knows what it could be doing on my laptop all I know is that I wont be messing around with torrents after this clears up. this virus will not let me reset; nor will it allow me to download an anti virus without stating that the resource is in use. it boots up normally but i'm sure it wont allow me to get into safe mode i have tried. it sometimes uses up to 100% of my cpu even when no applications are running, it's actually insane. this virus has turned off windows defenders anti virus completely and will not allow me to turn it back on. it's very frustrating. i've been trying to clear up files but sometimes i'm denied access on my own computer. it says that i don't have the rights to open or edit this files and whenever i go to see the owner or change ownership it states that the owner is unknown. :/ please if anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.


Mar 25, 2016
yea unfortunately torrents have malware and virus etc. I recommend a fresh clean install. Doe all your data will be lost. get a usb download yumi then install boot-repair-disk-64bit , systemrescuecd-x86-4.8.3 , ubcd536 these should have some antivirus and data recover tools.


Jan 22, 2009
Virus/malware cannot be "stupid" as it nature is to do excactly what it is programmed to do.
If your computer seems to be in a sort of "working state" and none of your files is corrupted yet - chances are great that the malware abuses your computer in order to do one or more of:
- Slave of a spam boot net - that is thousand of mail addresses receive spam from your computer.
- mining for e-money (somebody other earns money as your electrical bill goes hot)
- criminals using your computer to crack into other peoples accounts (take a lot of cpu load)

As suggested in above post - reinstall Windows seems like a very good idea. Actually that might be the only way to get a fully working OS back to work again. Use a Linux live-CD to make backup of your files - don't use windows as it may contaminate any usb pen as well.


Your cpu is likely mining Bitcoin, Etherium, etc., for someone....

You can try an offline Defender scan, and/or bootable BitDefender /Kaspersky Rescue disc, etc, but, if you don't have a good backup image, alas, I fear it's quite possible you will soon be learning the value of having a recent one. (I used to keep two or three images using either Macrium, Acronis, Clonezilla, etc, but, have slacked off of late only because i can reinstall Win10 from scratch in 5 minutes or so anyway...,)


Jan 22, 2009
Haven't heard from nat lately.

Assuming you just continue using the computer despite it has malware. That is a very very bad thing to do, because you actually founding criminal groups by let them abuse your own computer and your (or your parents or whoever house you live at) power bill. Or worse - if the computer goes zombie and spreading malware around to people in your contact list.
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