Question Subwoofer blowing frequently

Aug 16, 2019
I'm using Sony HT IV 300 home theater in my car. Everything works well. Iam using it since 3 years in home. While I'm using it my car using inverter, my Subwoofer blowing up. I had it repaired and same issue again. Is there something need to done to use it in car or just the Subwoofer got old? Im confused. I want this setup as i have Mahindra Thar(Jeep) model and will be traveling and camping alot. I want this Home Theater to run in my car and when I'm outside camping or staying away, need this system run on 220v or house power outlet. I am using car inverter to power this up. Please suggest what exactly is going wrong with this setup.
  1. It occurs only when i increase the volume above 27(my Home Theater max is 32)
  2. I have changed the db setting to 1db for woofer. It ran on 2db for all these years with no issues.
I will try pumping it down to 0 or -1 db and check if that helped. Awaiting for woofer to be repaired. Any inputs will be appreciated meanwhile.
Aug 16, 2019
Thank you for your response, my original sub is 6ohm, I tried 8ohm and decreased gain to 0db. Its not blown so far, but I couldn't get that Punchy bass as I experienced on original 6ohm with 1-2db. Should try out original sub lowering gain. The one's that company provided were about 250 watts. My total output from HT unit is 1000w, 250Sub+250 Center + remaining left right and surround. 250 could be RMS, can I expect rating of current Sub as 80-100w? Manufacturer wont give out these details and don't know what they are afraid of. I'm not finding 6ohm sub as that easy as of 4 or 8 ohms. Roughly can you suggest a rating of Sub for my setup? Thanks in advance
The power ratings on HTSs is pretty much a complete lie so don't worry about that. I can only guess how much power there is to drive the subwoofer but 100-150 watts rms would be at the upper end of my guesses.
How the replacment woofer sounds will depend on how well it matches the cabinet it's installed into. You would have a long learning curve on how to match a woofer and cabinet and it's very unlikely that the cabinet is a good enough to go to that much trouble.
Replacing the woofer will change how loud it plays compared to the original but it's fine so long as you can get it balanced to the other speakers. You would likely have to turn the woofer level higher than set before. Hopefully the new woofer can handle more than the old so you won't damage it.
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