Subwoofer connecting to guitar amp


Apr 26, 2014
I have a Fender guitar amp (, i regularly use it at parties for music but the amp doesnt produce the low frequencies of bass heavy songs that well at all so i was wondering i could purchase a subwoofer ( i was looking at this Yamaha one because of the reviews and the price: and connect it to my amp? If would i need any adapters or such can you please leave a link to one so i know what i am looking for, thank you. I apologise for asking on this forum, i was not sure where to ask and i know that every question i have asked on here has been answered with great detail, thank you for your time.
If a 100 watt system with dual 12" speakers does not give you enough bass, nothing will.
Your issue is that a guitar amp is not designed to be used for regular speakers, the speakers are not made to reproduce sound that way.
Try something like a PA speaker http://