Sudden and repeated FPS drops on MSI Laptop.


May 14, 2017
I have an MSI gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7-5700HQ CPU and NVIDIA 960m GPU with 12k MB of RAM and plenty of storage. When playing a game, such as Fortnite, I get a beautiful 70 FPS for about 2 minutes until it drops into a 1 FPS fit for about 30 seconds and then recovers only to repeat the process again. This happens on games I KNOW my PC can handle well and this is a relatively new issue.

EDIT: After running my MSI Gaming Center upon launching Fortnite, I have discovered that during my FPS drops, my CPU percentage increases to 95 or 100% while my GPU drops to near nothing. I'm not sure exactly that this means as in what's going on, but it appears that the CPU is either overheating or taking over for the GPU. (CPU temp was at 90C and GPU at 88C).


Question from Austin_98 : "Constant and repeated FPS drops"

Sounds like thermal throttling....

many laptops are spec'd great and sound great/fantastic on paper, and then will not handle the thermals of constant gaming...