Question Sudden lag that takes 4-5 seconds and occurs every ~20 seconds

Mar 16, 2019
Hi guys,

First thank you for reading and trying to solve my issue. I have been smashing my head in the wall with this issue for quite some time now. First, let me start with my specs: 16 GB RAM, I7 CPU, 1060 geforce. Basically, I do not believe this to be a hardware-related issue in terms of what my HP omen can do.

The issue is basically that every few seconds(~20 secs), sudden lag appears in offline games. Fifa 19, Assassin's creed Odyssey are only few of those. I have tried updating the CPU, GPU drivers, as well as reinstalling my windows and nothing has worked and the issue still persists. It is getting really frustrating as I cannot play nothing at peace and you guys are basically my last hope.

P.S. Most threads I saw when researching such issues were related to online gaming. As I play mostly offline, I am not sure it is the same. Hence, the new thread.

Please help. Thanks.
Have you tried checking the computers temps to see what they are reaching at those times? It would not be shocking to find that they are high when the lag starts.

Also, are you making sure nothing else is running at the same time?
Mar 16, 2019
I am making sure nothing else starts, yes. Every single software that is not needed for the windows to function is turned off. I was thinking it might be malware, but after the reinstall of the windows, it persisted.

The temperatures of the PC are indeed high. However, I do not believe there is a way around that as it is a notebook(HP omen 15) and the cooling system is supposed to be good. However, I do notice the laptop starts getting pretty hot. Additionally, i noticed that this laptop runs on high gear when it's plugged in for charging and starts being very hot even when I do not use it for something heavy(like a game). Even when i'm browsing through the web and it is plugged in for charging, the laptop is very hot. Which is not the case when it is plugged out. I suppose this might be relevant.
If it is under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer about the overheating.

However, if it isn't, then I would consider cleaning it out (inside) of dirt, dust, debris, etc. Making sure nothing is bogging it down. Clear the fans, vents, etc. Should that not bring down the temps, then I would be looking at what parts are actually overheating. You may need to have the thermal paste replaced in one or more places, or even add additional cooling capabilities.
Mar 16, 2019
It is in warranty, however, this happens ever since I bought it, I do not believe it is a malfunction, but rather that the laptop runs on high temperature with heavy games. It is a laptop after all.
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