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  1. Umeet

    Question Games lag after sometime

    Hello, so I use my laptop like 1 year and nowadays it has a problem, most games are lagging after I play for 5-10 minutes. Most people think my laptop is overheating but it's not there must be another reason for it.
  2. V

    Solved! URGENT! Legion laptop only the game lags

    Hello there. I have a legion Y520. My laptop performs awesome in the day to day tasks, but when I start the game, the game started lagging. As soon as I open any games. I could feel the frames is been dropped. I tried playing the games in really low graphics, it was just the same. but the games...
  3. D

    Question when starting pc mouse lags in game ?!?!

    when i start my pc mouse is good but when i start to play a game its freezing but stops in 5-30min then is everything smooth any suggestions?!?!
  4. awesomeballer69

    Question ASUS ROG GL552VW suddenly underperformed

    I bought this laptop 2.5 years ago. Usually, my laptop is normally working when I used for gaming. It's always lag when I unplugged, but working normally when plugged. Suddenly, my laptop's performance slowing down. I dont even touch any setting before. Usually, I get 60+ fps on Dota 2 on...
  5. A

    Question Sudden lag that takes 4-5 seconds and occurs every ~20 seconds

    Hi guys, First thank you for reading and trying to solve my issue. I have been smashing my head in the wall with this issue for quite some time now. First, let me start with my specs: 16 GB RAM, I7 CPU, 1060 geforce. Basically, I do not believe this to be a hardware-related issue in terms of...
  6. B

    Question Really bad Laptop performance

    I'm gonna have to go in a bit of detail here so please hang on: I have a 2 years old Acer E5-572G 525V. The laptop was quite a bang for the buck in my limited budget and actually performed better than I expected it to. Everything was good... Then around 4 months back I decided to add another 8...
  7. H

    Windows 8.1 help pls.

    Hello. I bought a new laptop: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz Video Card 1 Intel(R) HD Graphics Family Video Card 2 NVIDIA GeForce 820M Memory 4.0 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit First i player Robocraft, a game that's not so "expensive". I...