Question ASUS ROG GL552VW suddenly underperformed

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Aug 12, 2019
I bought this laptop 2.5 years ago.
Usually, my laptop is normally working when I used for gaming. It's always lag when I unplugged, but working normally when plugged. Suddenly, my laptop's performance slowing down. I dont even touch any setting before. Usually, I get 60+ fps on Dota 2 on maximum setting when plugged, but now it's below 30 fps even when plugged. So, it safe to say that my laptop suddenly underperformed. I'm using Windows 10. Here's what I tried to do to fix it :
  1. Setting "Prefer Maximum Performance" on nVidia Control Panel
  2. Setting "High Performance" on Battery Setting
  3. Reinstall Windows.
  4. Cleaning components from dusts.
  5. Tried using another charger with same model as mine.
  6. Updating Intel HD Graphic's driver and nVidia's driver.
  7. Tried to play without battery.
  8. Undervolted the processor to -0,150V.
Nothing worked so far. So maybe you guys have any idea what's wrong with my laptop?

Oct 11, 2019
I have the same laptop that I bought from a Kid who apparently barely used it and it works just fine 70+ in Dota 2 max so maybe it's your battery or maybe the inside of your laptop is getting too hot and for safety measures, it slows down, Idk always hard to say unless I see it. I would try another battery and it that doesn't work take it to a pro to repair it/clean the inside.

- Make sure inside is clean and CPU , GPU is not overheating

- Try another battery cuz this system needs a battery + being plugged in to use the full performance

- if that doesn't work take into a pro repair shop
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