Suitable Speaker for Sherwood S-8000

Aug 22, 2018
I have Serwood S-8000 IV reciever.Owant to know the suitable speaker having 4 ohms .
can u plz suggest me the required speaker wattage and sensitivity in db.
Amp has the powe 18 watts per channel.
Aug 22, 2018
Question from vijaykuma69 : "No sound in one channel from any source in Sherwood S-8000IV"

My sherwood reciever having sound in righ channel.If i m turning the knob and huss then only one speaker is giving sound and the other one is not .But the other speaker gives very low sound which is aoudible from 6-12 i nches.
This is happening with all the source like phono, FM and aux.
Plz advise me
The S-8000 is 32 watts per channel. That will be into 8 or 4 ohms (if there are 4ohm speaker connections).
What speaker you use will depend on how loud you need it to play in what size room and at what distance. The higher the efficiency the louder it will be able to play. Of course the price is a huge factor too.
As to your problem. If you know that both speakers are working (exchange the speaker wires to be sure) then there are many problems that can cause one channel to be off or low. Since that's a old tube receiver you could have bad tubes. You could have bad contacts in the controls. You could have bad solder joints. Not a DIY repair and there are dangerous voltages in tube receivers so they are not to be messed with if you don't know what you are doing.
Aug 22, 2018
First of all thanks to your response and answer.
Here my speakers and wires both are ok.I swaped the power tube also.Even others also like 6GH8.But 12AT7 &12AU7 i could not do any thing as they are only in no one.
sound from the other speaker is very very low.

As far as about speaker required is for 30' x 15' room size.I want louder and crispy sound with sweet instrumental and voice sound.
Plz advise me the required specification.
I have Wharfedale KH1200(having 100 watts ,4 ohms impedence capacity)
Can i use them.Although i had connected and played this for an hour with no problem.but Sound was from only one channel.
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