Super Tool Part Two

sammy sung

May 5, 2014
Still trying to edit/reinvent the thumb drive tool I've created for virus removal and various other general computer maintenance/set-up tasks.

The idea was to have just about everything I could possibly need to diagnostics & software repair on one thumb drive. It's been largely successful in saving me both time and space(on my key ring lol).

So far I have the following either installed to or have an install of

• Malwarebytes - install & silent install batch
• ADWcleaner
• Ccleaner
• sfcscan batch
• Rkill
• Defraggler
• MBAR Anti Rootkit

• Everest(Old free full version of AIDA64. Some support issues, but great functionality)
• Don't Sleep
• BlueScreenView
• Crucial Scan
• ComboFix
• HijackThis
• InternetRepair
• DriverPack Solutions
• iExplore
• ProduKey
• Macrium Reflect Download
• TeraCopy
• Speccy
• Various Ninite Installs that I update semi regularly
• HDtune
• Crystal Disk info

Randoms batch files for this and that as follow

• Driver Sites for all common OEM
• Vipre & Avast Key grabber
• Delete Upper and Lower Filters
• Desktop Cleaner(orgnanizes if exist icons)
• Diag (opens basic diagnostic items)
• Tools to C Drive (creates a folder on C drive then writes most of what I need from the tool there)
• Remove Tools (reverses above, leaving behind the created folder)

• Various Versions of Office, installer only
• Crypto Prevent - installer
• KillSwitch
• HWMonitor
• Eases Data Recovery Wizard - installer
• AntiLogger
• TeamViewer
• ShadowExplorer

All of this fits neatly onto a 16GB flash, with dummy files taking up the rest of the space to make it semi-immune. Looking for suggestions on useful additions/replacements.
Some others that come to mind

HWiNFO - makes all other monitoring tools redundant
RoG Real Bench - Application based CPU Stress Test
BitDefender - 30 day free trail (or any other reliable AV that isn't free) ... great when user had nothing or free utility install that got beat..... gets system clean and keeps it clean for 30 days.
Privacy Badger - Anti Tracking
Acrobat - In case need to read PDF manual
Belarc Advisor - Recover / record OS and software product keys
MS USB Download / ISO Tool
Junkware Removal Tool
Memtest 86+
Process Explorer
Complete Uninstall Tools for Major AV Vendors

sammy sung

May 5, 2014
Thanks for the suggestions

- Got reader as a ninite installer
- Have memtest on a separate bootable hiren's thumb drive
- CPUz is embedded in Everest
- I do actually have uninstall tools for norton, kaspersky, mcafee etc. Forgot to list them.

I don't have a legit AV listed as I typically run whatever the client is presently using, otherwise I install AVG via a ninite installer.

Looking into all other suggestions, thanks a lot!