surround receiver only producing sound in one set of speakers

Jan 31, 2019
I have a kenwood AV surround receiver from 1999 (5:1) with all of the speakers connected to the receiver and i’m looking to connect the receiver to my TV. However, the couplets of speakers all have separate rca jacks ( in detail: a red and white jack for the rear speakers; a red and white jack for the front speakers; a red and white jack for the centre)
i can only connect one RCA cable to my tv meaning only one couplet of speakers will play sound instead of all 3 (front/rear/centre) what can i do as i don’t have any more than one jack in my TV.
Sorry about the essay, please help.
OK-OK, you immediately veer toward wrong direction. yellow/white/red blah-blah are ANALOG connections and you can only get STEREO out of those, but I assume you want to get Surround Sound with your 5.1 Kenwood?

To do surround you must use DIGITAL. Modern TVs have HDMI and Optical for digital. If your Kenwood has an Optical IN, you are all set. If no Optical IN, look for a DIGITAL audio/SPDIF jack, then purchase a converter like THIS.

If your Kenwood has no Digital Audio whatsoever, am afraid you would need a new AVR, or just settle for stereo sound.
With makes model numbers is would be easier to give you more info. I suggest you google for the owners manuals.
If the TV has a single RCA jack for audio out it may be a coax digital audio output. A digital to analog converter would be needed. That will have left and right audio outputs.
Your receiver predated digital surround sound so you will use the Dolby surround mode for movies.
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