Surround Sound System


Jun 8, 2016
Hi everyone! I need help with my surround sound. Recently bought home theater system brand Panasonic SA-BTT770 and I have SAmsung TV. I connect the amplifier to Tv using digital audio opt. It was definitely works the night I tried to played it. When I woked up in the morning and turned on the tv, the sound that I only heared was from my TV and the sorround sound was not working. I tried to changed the operating sound menu to "Digital In" and tested the sound. It seems like it was working but no sounds coming out from my two tower speaker. When I tried the Samsung TV which has NVidia audio, the sounds works perfectly. When I tried the computer which has Realtek Audio still works perfectly. The Digital In has Realtek too! But there's no sounds at all in my tower speaker. I did everything I could, still no sign of progress. Can anyone help me with this issue?
I don't have much knowledge in tech. So, please bare with me....
Thanks so much. Hope you can help me solve this issue.

P.S Just to be clear, in my HTS everything works perfectly even the surround sound. But when I want to watch movies or youtube through my VAIO computer and connect it to Tv using HDMI the surround sounds has no sounds at all. But, night before it was working okay.

Thanks a lot.
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