Syncing call history/texts between droid/iphone frequently


May 19, 2006
Hey guys. So i've got an odd situation. I have my iPhone which ive had since the first one. But ive also picked up a nice android phone lately that id like to use sometimes. Im looking for a software solution that would basically let me use the phones interchangeably. Use my iPhone for a few days, pop the SIM over into the droid, and use that for a few days.

My problem is maintaining data sync between the two. Contacts/media/calendars are all easy enough to do thanks to google, and 99% of the apps i use are either free basic ones or cheap enough to buy on both platforms. But im mostly stuck on text messages and call histories. Id like to be able to plug both phones in, say after a week of using my iPhone, and merge it's calls and texts to the android, then take that phone out for a week, and when done do the same in reverse (merge the calls and texts i made while using it onto the iPhone so they both have identical data).

Is there any system that could help me in this?

Thanks so much!