Tablet PC Hybrid: Worth the Purchase?



Hello, I was looking for a laptop for school.

However, I was intrigued by the touch & stylus support of the PC Tablet Hybrids (such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, Asus VivoTab, Samsung Ativ 700t).

These hybrids can be used as a traditional Laptop with an attachable keyboard, or a tablet, using the touchscreen as input. And the best of all, instead of running Android or iOS, these hybrids use Windows 8 OS, and all its goodness.

My issue is with the market of these "hybrids". Recently, I head Microsoft took a huge hit on their "Windows RT" OS and associated products. Windows RT is basically a watered down version of Windows which relies on the Windows Store for apps (cannot run x86 apps). Asus is discontinuing their VivoTab RT line of products as well.

But I cannot see the full Windows 8 Tablet PCs taking part in these issues. Compared to the RT version of Windows, Windows 8 is leaps and bounds greater.

I am really interested in the full Windows 8 Tablet PCs (notably because of the stylus support, I can use it like a digital notebook for school). Should I buy one? I'm afraid of purchasing one and suddenly the market and support of that product suddenly collapsing around me.

Thanks for your input guys!


You never know what the market will be for a new product, my suggestion would be to do some research and read as many articles as you can find that relate to what you want to purchase so that you can get a feel for how it's being recieved by the general public. Companies tend to make things work or become better if the market share is there, to them it's all about profit so if people are buying then it will get supported.

I think that tablets is the new tech and a lot is being focused in that area, collage students like yourself and buisness people on the go want something powerful yet portable and tablet PC Hybrid fits that description.