Tablet won’t charge properly

May 14, 2018
My ellipsis 10 tablet simply will not charge. I’ve had it charging 2 days & it goes up 85% then it starts going down. I wiggle the charger cord thinking it’s loose then I’ll wait an hour or so & the charge continues to drop!! I’m sooo frustrated with this tablet


Feb 13, 2017
There's a possibility that either the battery is going or the charger is going.

Testing to see if the charger is doing its job is pretty easy. You can hook it up to another device to see if that device charges. If it doesn't, or it charges too slowly, then it might be time to get a new charger.

Testing the battery life is a little trickier. People generally get new batteries for devices if the battery drains faster than average or no longer holds a charge. By then, you either send the device in to have it replaced or, if you're experienced on the subject, replace it yourself. There are apps that can give you info on the battery itself, but I have not tested any personally so I can't give any recommendations for apps.

That being said, our writers in the office did do a round-up for best battery saving apps you can find on the market! You can find it here:
May 14, 2018


Paul Wagenseil

Senior Editor
Apr 11, 2014

OK, then that is a bad sign. It shouldn't be dying at that age.

I see from PhoneArena ( that the tablet has a microUSB charging port, the default for Android devices for several years.

In that case, try Viddyvane's recommendation and a) use the Ellipsis charger on another device and b) try another device's charger with the Ellipsis. (You may need to match the amperage output, as some tablets require at least 2.1 amps to charge, and some smartphone chargers deliver only 1 amp.)

If a) charges the OTHER device slower than usual, then it's the charger. If b) charges the Ellipsis faster than usual, then it's the charger. If neither is true, then ....

... it could be a banged-up USB port on the Ellipsis. I've had several phones that won't charge properly because the port has literally been bent out of shape. Sometimes a different cable will work better; sometimes you have to position the plug at a slant to get it to charge the battery. So play around with different cables and angles.

... Or your battery could be dying after all. I looked around and it looks like replacement batteries for Ellipsis tablets are available and inexpensive. Make sure the replacement comes close to the original battery's capacity, however. I don't know exactly which model you have, but some of the Ellipsis 10 tablets come with 9100 mAh batteries, which is a ton of capacity.
May 14, 2018

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