Taking the "HISS" out of cassette-Mp3 transfer ?


Jan 15, 2001
Are there any filter type programs that take the hiss out of Cassette transfered Mp3's ?

Also ........ If anyone's familiar with Media Jukebox is it wise when your tranferring Cassette to MP3 to use a lower KBPS ? 56/64/128 ????
Just wondering if it helps with the sound qulity by taking out some of the hiss & pops etc. ???


Feb 6, 2001
First. record the tape in wav format not mp3. Edit as a wav file not an mp3, once it sounds good, then encode to mp3.

I personally use a wide variety of programs to fine tune my wav files depending on it's original source LP/Tape/DVD/CD/live feeds/etc., my best stuff stays wav and never gets converted to mp3 as this will affect quality.

I do not use much consumer software for this though, mostly Cakewalk 9 and sometimes Steinberg's Cubasis VST, neither one of these programs are cheap though as they are professional packages.

Pro Tools makes the same type of stuff and they have a FREE version available for download, I am sure it has it's limitations but for free it is worth a look.

This is not a simple click a button thing, as evidenced by the huge amount of crap on Napster, good mp3's do not just happen especially when created from non-digital sources.