Question TDP problem with a EGPU Laptop Custom WaterCooler Loop

Jun 27, 2019
Hey guys, welcome aboard into my Laptop Project. So, lets go deep...

Laptop: NP300E4C-AD5BR SAMSUNG i5-3210M (actually 6GB of RAM running over 667 MHZ DDR3)
Upgrades: i7-3940XM WaterCooling + 1060 3GB EXPGDC + 16 GB of RAM running over 1600 MHZ DDR3)

Everything is being bought from AliExpress and here goes the link for my parts PublicList: PARTSLIST

  1. My first concern about the whole project is the Laptop Mobo TDP resistance, cause 3210M its a 35W TDP processor and on the other side 3940XM is a 55W TDP processor. I'v saw threads in web about 10W or 15W upgrades in laptop processor but nothin about 20W or plus. The good point is that the extra heat is not a problem cause everything is going to be waterCooled and also the mobo TDP used by the internal cooling system will be free to be allocated. What u guys think?
  2. Fans and Pumps uses PWM to regulate the frequency / power they are set to atm, but my mobo only has one PWM port (like any other mobo), if i do use the PWM mirroing (chip is located at the parts list) it will work flawlessly regulating both Fans Speed and Pump Force?
If u guys have anything to add or pin point a problem that i will might have but its not listed feel free to comment here, everyone is welcome to leave their opinion about the project, also helps me polish it XD

ps. i'm brazilian native so sorry if i misspelled something :X
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Building one from scratch is very different than repairing one premade. Things are quite a bit different. While I have built a desktop or two over time, never built a laptop from scratch.

To be honest, I would really suggest you post on this site's sister site, Tom's Hardware. They likely would have more info on what you need.
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