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Apr 29, 2012
I have an RCA RTD 615i and all of a sudden it stopped playing discs. When you put a dvd in, it starts to play and then shuts off. I have tried different discs, checked cables, unplugged/replugged, moved to different location and NOTHING. Can someone help me?


from a quick look it seems as though that is a home-theater-in-a-box set.

i'm not sure what is wrong with the unit but i can give you a few options.

-have the unit repaired. probably not worthwhile due to the high cost of repairs and low cost of htib systems.
-add a seperate blueray or dvd player. only if the htib unit accepts hdmi input which many htib units do NOT.
-add a cheap av receiver from onkyo and a cheap dvd/br player. if the speakers use standard speaker wire you shouldnt have a problem. the subwoofer should have a subwoofer cable connection. if your setup is not standard you might want to list it here.

as far as costs are concerned...

sending the unit out for repair if it is not under warranty is likely to cost you at least $100 probably more like $130 once they tack on overpriced parts. if the unit accepts hdmi input you can get a dvd player for $30 or a dvd/br combination unit for $80. you can get a cheap onkyo receiver for $50 or so bringing a total replacement of the units functions up to about $130 give or take.

for the money i would rather have a real receiver instead of repairing something that could break again just as easy. your choice though. in regards to repairing it yourself... unless you are well versed in electronics repair i do not suggest it.


Feb 19, 2009
I would agree with this. Shop rates are outrageous for entry level electronics. i would do what SSDDx said, and just go shop around for a receiver, and DVD player. Companies like Yamaha, and Denon make fairly good HTIB sets that include a real receiver, i would start there.
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