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Mar 30, 2020
Hi everyone!

Bit of a noob question but I've got this home theater system that doesn't have HDMI (KEF kit200) and I'm trying to hook it up so I can use normal TV and watch movies through the built-in DVD player in 5.1 surround. My problem is that there is a bunch of cables from the tv, through the wall and into the receiver cupboard which is all unplugged (I've got a photo of when they were all plugged in) . I was wondering if someone could help me figure out which wire goes into where. I think they are Composite cables. Here's the link to the pictures. Here are the cables View:

and why were only four out of the five plugged in?

(P.s this composite cable solution I have never seen working on our system, only via optical but there isn't an optical going to the tv)

Any help much appreciated :)
The player has component video output (green, blue, red) and video output (yellow) connected, no sound.
The component connection is for a better image quality than the single video output.

Which TV is it? Which connections does this TV have?


Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
The composite video (yellow) should not be connected if the component (RGB) is connected. You'll get a far superior video image with component. The optical is for audio. All you need for video is to plug the component cables in, like in your photo. Forget the yellow composite...not needed. If the TV image colors look correct, you have the cables in the right positions. A black cable is plugged into the blue jack and a blue cable is hanging. Just match the cable colors there, to the back of your TV's composite inputs and select the appropriate TV input (component 1,2...) to view on your TV. For 5.1 audio, use the optical (TOSLINK) output from the DVD player and connect it to your A/V receiver for 5.1 surround. Select that input on your receiver. To make life easy, set up a remote with a macro that will switch on your TV, select the DVD input, switch on the receiver and select that input. You'll be good to go. Depending on the type of A/V receiver you have, you may also run the video AND audio signals through it. Most modern A/V receivers don't have the older vid format connections (S-VID, composite, component). You player has S-VID.
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