Question The In's and Out's of Bluetooth...?


Dec 23, 2013
Hi all.....whilst no audiophile I do appreciate a quality sound & to this end I'm currently very happy with my Audioengine A5+/S8 powered speakers, paired to my laptop via an Arcam Mini Blink bluetooth dac.
I'm moving over to an all singing/dancing desktop pc that has no bluetooth.
When it comes to the all important audio output quality.....does it matter what bluetooth pci card I run in the new desktop?
Are there good/bad/better cards...the result of which can effect the quality of the audio output?
Is there a whole other world that I'm blissfully unaware of.....where audiophiles endlessly debate the in's & out's of which bluetooth card to best fit in your pc...for optimum sound quality via whatever bluetooth dac/amp/speaker combination?
There's different bluetooth protocols of course but I assume there aren't good/bad transmitters in any protocol.....capable of sending good/bad data?
That, in terms of my pure listening pleasure, I can get a 2.99 BT5 usb dongle from China, wack it in the desktop & get the exact same audio quality as with any other BT5 transmitter?
Arcam is an audiophile company so does pay attention to sound quality. That's why they call it a DAC rather than just a bluetooth receiver. That emphasizes the effect that the DAC has in sound quality. Bluetooth however is limited regardless.
Audiophiles don't debate about which bluetooth card to use. They just don't use any.
Since you will now be using a stationary computer the best way to go would be to use a USB DAC and wire the speakers to that.
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