The PSVR 2 finally has a killer exclusive game — and it's the best reason to buy one


Apr 26, 2021
Yeah I'm sorry, I to try to find the light at the end of the tunnel but this ain't it. Even for 35 it isn't worth it for no replayability. Sony needs to find a way to get our backlog of PSVR games on here which so far is the biggest con ever. That would have helped while we all wait for actual games to launch on the new platform. They should not have launched the thing till they had a update for the biggest last gen games (especially for more than a Oculus). Sick of Sony pulling stuff like this and being bowed to and worshipped as gods for it. Even Nintendo is learning that this is important and if they can, ANYONE can.
Aug 6, 2023
I will have to check out Synapse. But I must say that for me, Sony already had the killer VR app at launch for the PSVR2. When I purchased my PS5 it was bundled with Gran Turismo 7 and I played it for maybe 5 minutes. When I got the PSVR2 I only played Horizon Call of the Mountain for the first few weeks. I was still spending more time in my Quest 2. One thing I should mention is that I also have the Woojer Vest 3 which makes everything in VR a lot better. Well after I finished Horizon VR I finally decided to jump into GT7. Even though I have a great 144hz gaming monitor that delivers top performance for GT7's graphics. I have almost exclusively played my 50+ hours in GT7 in VR with my haptics vest. I also play with the Dual Sense Pro controller and use the added paddle buttons underneath for my gas and brake. I use the gyroscope mode for steering instead of the joysticks or D-pad. Being able to see the steering wheel when you move your hands is crucial to successful steering in the gyroscope mode because if you rotate too far it resets the steering. But the realism of the whole experience is worth the dip in graphics. But utilizing good headphones and the haptics vest, which has a built in headphones amp, makes a big difference. It is hands down the most in depth VR game across any platform. I know it is a couple years old, but for me it might as well be brand new because nothing can match it with how amazing of a VR experience it provides. For 2 years I have primarily played VR games and this is the killer one that gives me hope we see more developers of top titles for the PS5 make the entire experience playable in VR.


Jan 9, 2009
The best thing Sony can do with the PSVR2 is to make it an open platform with SteamVR compatibility.

Not only would they solve the issue of too few VR games on PS5, but they'd also get many thousands of PC gamers buying their otherwise highly compelling and competitively priced headset.

It's a travesty that such good hardware is receiving such a tiny audience because of a (self inflicted) lack of software support.
Aug 7, 2023
Sorry.....$500+ to play a 4hr long $35 game? That is not a system seller.

Better to wait for the inevitable PSVR2 firesale which will be happening much quicker than it did for the original PSVR.

I picked up a v2 PSVR in late 2018 for $99 Refurbed and then proceeded to pickup the entire physical PSVR library (thank GameStop Buy 5 get 50% off used sale) for LESS than buying an original PSVR.

A huge issue with PSVR2 is also there are no physical titles. I think there has been 1 I saw on shelves.

PSVR2 will be a complete flop with a lower attach rate than the original (despite Sony PR's spin) unless they bring original PSVR game BC without charging those ridiculous $10 upgrade fees and 2 release physical games.