toshiba laptop wont charge or turn on after it died

delo G

Dec 19, 2016
my toshiba satellite c55d will not charge and does not have lights of any kind when i was using it,it was going dead and it went to 7% and i pluged the charger in and the charge light came on then it went away then it turned then i pressed the power button and the plug in charger light came on i took the battery out and charger held the power button for 30 seconds still nothing i ordered a new power jack thats coming in the mail today if that does not work i guess its a brick only had it for a year.
Try turning it off completely and then seeing if it will charge. If it will, then it is probably the charger cord. If it gets damaged it can make it able to power the device, but not charge it at the same time.

You might also try plugging it in, with the battery out, and see if it will run.