Toshiba Satellite L455-S5000 USB Ports and Wireless Network Card not working


Sep 26, 2013
I do repair jobs on the side of my college work to help fund my educations and I pretty knowledgeable with Windows XP (our business still runs on XP and non of them have issues) but not so much with Windows 7, still learning around the system including Windows 8. I do basic repairs on the hardware side also, like upgrades and replacing bad components. Well, one of my customers who is always getting trojens and what not from many different sites, he came to me yesterday about his wireless card not working. Upon further digging, I found the USB ports didn't work. So I started with trying to do a system restore which failed. So After going through the computer and cleaning the crap off it, I tried to reinstall the wireless card drivers. I come to find out that the USB port is not working. I went to the Device Manager and I show the Ethernet card but not the Wireless Card. As for the USB, I can see the USB drivers and they seem to be working.

My next step was to attempt to boot into my Linux OS so see what I could find by running hardware stress checks. Well, during startup the BOIS is not seeing the USB device (it has in the past) in any of the USB ports. I'm assuming there is hardware failure with the USB ports and wireless card adapter. Is there other ways to check before telling my customer? I done what I know from the past 10 years. Maybe I am missing something? I did have a A+ certificate but I haven't renewed in the last 4 years. I might have forgotten a step. Please let me know.