transfer music to new ipod.

Billy James

Oct 1, 2013
I bought an ipod shuffle about a dozen years ago and put some iTunes on it. Fast forward a couple of years and I bought a nano and put iTunes on it from a different computer. I am trying to move the shuffle songs to the nano, but cant seem to do it. No matter if I plug the shuffle or nano in, I get the current library. when I plug in the shuffle, it appears momentarily 'on top of' the current iTunes library and then disappears, never to find it. Help please.
if you plug the old ipod into the pc does it show up in my computer?

if so it should have a bunch of files with random names in random named folders.

if you copy them to the pc in some destination... then in intunes click "import songs" and click the folder it will auto import them all. make sure you have the "keep itunes library organized" checked in options.

itunes will not copy songs off a ipod onto a computer. it purposefully disallows this.

the ONLY ways to do this are with senuti or the method i mentioned.