Trick HDMI to 5.0 Output

May 18, 2018
Hi guys,

I've got a problem where I can't find a solution for (and I'm quite adept in Hard- and Software).
My setup:
Denon AVR X1100W (Input: HDMI or SPDIF/Toslink)
Projector: Optoma HD26 (Stereo Audio-Output via 3.5 audio jack)
Supplier for Video/Audio: Either FireTV or a Lenovo Windows 10 Stick (HDMI out, 1x USB, Bluetooth, Wireless, no further relevant interfaces)

My AVR and my projector are 10 meters (about 30 feet) from each other and I have the following problem:
If I connect the supplier to my AVR I've got perfect 5.0 audio. The AVR sends the video signal via HDMI to the projector, but every now and than the connection is cut. It can take one second to reastablish or I have to cut the connection and reconnect (switching HDMI output on AVR will do).
This happens every 60 seconds to 4 hours, depending on how lucky I am.
I've tried several HDMI cables and even tried an active repeater to increase the signal strength. It might be a timing problem or similar.

So I tried to connect the supplier to my projector and use the audio out to send the sound to my AVR. Perfect picture, but ofc only stereo sound.
I have a 4x2 HDMI matrix that can extract the audio of the signal by SPDIF/Toslink, so my idea was:
Lenovo Stick -> HDMI splitter -> projector (HDMI) and AVR (Toslink)
It essentially works, but I only get stereo, because Windows detectes the projector as sound device and this allows only two channels. Therefore only stereo sound is given to my HDMI splitter and he sends stereo to my AVR.

So my question is:
Do you have any ideas how to get one or the other setup running?
My last idea was to buy a USB->HDMI adapter to have a second channel for my audio. But I neither know if I can send 5.0 audio over it, now if there would be another solution without an additional piece of hardware as there are already a lot of pieces to connect three devices together.
Best would be to trick windows to just send 5.0 audio through HDMI even if it just recognizes stereo on the other side.

Thanks in advance of any suggestions as I'm looking for a solution for around 5 hours today (and several days before).
There are HDMI input selectors with audio extraction that have a switch to select 5.1 or 2.0 output over toslink
That should solve your problem. If your content doesn't have lossless audio then it won't affect the quality of the sound.
Long HDMI runs are a pain in the butt. The combination of source-cable-receiver-cable-projector all affect how good a handshake you get. Some projectors are easy some are a royal pain. Some cables are better than others. Try some from a website like Markertek that caters to professionals. Make sure you can return it if it doesn't work.
May 18, 2018
The linked device would give me the same result as it has this restriction:
(5.1-channel output requires 5.1-channel input and output)

As the visible device is stereo only the Windows Stick only sends stereo. The box would never receive a 5.1 signal as long as it doesn't show itself as final device (with drivers and everything) and tunnels it through to the AVR..

I was running a dual screen test for the last few hours (one signal split by the matrix and sent to monitor and projector at the same time).
It took a really long time to get the problem today, but the result was the projector and the monitor lost the signal at the same time.
I'd have guessed that the projector was a bit of a diva regarding signal strength, because it never happens with the source directly connected.

So it seems that HDMI just isn't an option here as I've tried 3 different cables so far (2x 10m, 1x 7m).

Further input is very welcome.


What are you using for playback ??
Kodi can force 5.1 even to a stereo input by enabling the pass through option in audio settings.

Using a straight hdmi splitter to both amp & projector this should,give you 5.1 audio to the denon.

It may cause an issue with unsupported audio source on the projector.

Worth trying though.


^ did you force it while,using a splitter to both projector & denon receiver ??

It should work.

I know this because I have a splitter to both a sharp tv (only accepts stereo) & a sony 7.2 reciever.

Now the recievsr is arc enabled & I used to run passthrough straight though to the tv,but it means having the amp on standby all the time (I use the receiver maybe 25% of the time )

With a splitter & kodi set to 5.1 the tv gets no audio, the Sony gets 5.1.

As well As forcing 5.1 in the main settings from the home screen you need,to start a video file playing, open up ,the onscreen menu , open the audio menu , enable passthrough & set as default for all playback.

I only use the original confluence skin.
This is the speaker tab bottom,right which appears in the osd when you are playing a file,
May 18, 2018
Yes I tried it with the splitter attached to both. Today I tried another with your guidance and got the same result.
This time I only had my monitor attached, but got the same result:
Sound while having the stereo track of the movie, but no sound at all when switching to the AC3 5.1 track.
Here is my setup:
Kodi Global Settings
Kodi Video Settings
System Audio Settings

I tried 5.0 and 5.1 in the main settings of Kodi.
All the devices I use (Lenovo Ideacentre 300, HDMI Splitter, Denon) support at least 5.1

This is the exact splitter I use:
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