trigo.exe/audiodg.exe causing high cpu usage and playing audio ads in background


Jun 11, 2014
I must have opened something online or downloaded something I shouldn't have because these two issues are brand new and they're pissing me off! I could use some help. The stupid audio ads are for Ragu and pants and other stupid crap. They just start every now and then and I can only stop them by killing the audiodg.exe process in task manager. Trigo.exe usually shows three processes active in task manager with a description of "Ping" on the right side of task manager.

Probably should've said what I've done so far. I've ran Malwarebytes many times, it always finds and removes things but they're there the next time. I've ran TDSSKILLER many times but it never finds anything. I've ran adwcleaner many times and it always finds things that I've already removed before.

Anyone have any idea about either of my fun new issues?