Trouble Connecting Sony Internet TV


May 3, 2014
I was given a Sony KDL-40EX700 tv. I have been trying to get the TV to connect to the internet, but it only verifies the physical connection. I am attempting to do this via a wired connection going through my Actiontec PK5000 modem/router. I have confirmed the wired connection is good with a laptop.

Through the TVs menu, I have tried both automatically and manually adding the TV to my network. Neither methods work at this point and both verify the physical connection, but do not actually connect to the internet.

When manually setting it up, I have tried setting the TV to a static IP address that will work with my default gateway address (take my default gateway number and changed the last byte to a value that isn't being used). In the TV, I have also set the subnet mask, default gateway, and primary dns server to the values that match what is in command prompt when I do an ipconfig/all. (basically this process:

However, it still only verifies the physical connection and can't get out to the Internet. Do I have to setup something in my router to enable the TV to connect to the internet through the router?