Trouble playing You Tube on Samsung LED TV Series 5 through Phillips Blue ray Player with WiFi


Sep 20, 2017
I am trying to play You Tube through a Phillips Blue ray player on Samsung LED TV series 5. There is no problem with playing a disc, browse USB and Netflix. But as I try to play You Tube the monitor shows "The YouTube app on this device is no longer available. YouTube has ended its support for this app and is no longer available on this device. You can continue to enjoy your favorite creators and videos in many other ways. Please visit for a list of devices you can use for further help." It does not also play VUDU and Picasa. Please advise as to how I can activate You Tube, VUDU and Picasa.
From your description of the problem I would say that you will need to get a new device that still supports the apps you want to use.
Check out Roku since they tend to support the largest number of services.