TRRS y-split solder


Jun 29, 2017
Recently, my audio/mic headset's audio went out. I'm pretty sure it's just a bad cord, because I was able to wiggle it to get it to work for some time before it completely died. I'm planning on doing a removable cord mod on them, so I can replace the cord if it ever dies out again. But since it's a mic and audio headset, I'll need a TRRS cord, however my PC has separate connections for mic and audio. Is there any way I can solder an aux cord (trrs) to y split into two trs jacks, one for audio and the other for mic?

Alternatively, does anyone know where I can buy a cord like this where it's male on all sides.

<==[TRS Audio]---|
                 |----------------[TRRS Audio/Mic]===>
<==[TRS Mic  ]---|
If you can't find an all male splitter cable it would be easier to replace the TRRS female with a male than start from scratch. It would be stronger than splicing cables together but that would work too.