Trying to find a very specific laptop for my needs, please help!


Oct 9, 2014
I am looking for a very specific laptop and I have not yet seen any laptop that meets all my needs/wants and I was wondering if anybody here could help :p

So here it goes...
I'm looking for a laptop that is:
-Under 4.5 lbs, preferably near 4 pounds
-Contains a "U" Series core
-Contains the 960m
-Has a good battery life of 6+ hours (hence the "U" series)
-Has an SSD
-Standard Size laptop (15.6")
-Backlit Keyboard (really just a luxury, I can live without it)
-1920x1080 screen (Matte would be amazing but glossy is fine too)
-New or Refurbished
-And finally the budget :) under 900 dollars

What I have found so far...
HP Omen (Probably the closest, but I want a larger batter life than 4.5 hours)Refurb
Dell Inspiron i7 series (I have no clue on the Battery so I dunno wat to do...)Here
Asus K501UX (SOOOO close but Idk batter life and it's only the 950m)Almost Perfect

I was just came here to tap into the knowledge of this large community, and would really appreciate it if anybody could help me out :D (I'll select the best answer when one comes along)



Aug 15, 2014
The Lenovo Y50-70 is pretty decent for it's price

If you got some extra money to spend, you can check out the Asus ROG GL552VW

And yes they're both backlit :)


You have a few conflicting needs here, 960m and long battery life and light weight is very hard if not impossible to find. If you do, it will be a premium product like the ASUS Zenbook and be over your budget. Decide what parts are really important and look for a system with that. Most likely you either will have to live with less battery life and heavier weight if you want the 960m video card. The rated battery life is pretty much always done at just light use, not gaming or playing a movie non-stop, a mix of things.


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